The Baltimore Folk Music Society Requests the Pleasure of your Company at the

Playford Ball

BFMS is pleased to present its annual Baltimore Playford Ball on Saturday, October 11, 2014, at the Church of the Redeemer. There will be a review session at the same location from 1:30 to 4 pm, which will be followed by an optional potluck at a nearby private home. An after-dance party is also planned, beginning at approximately 11:45 pm, at a private home near the church.

You may register online or by mail. Suggested attire is festive formal or historical. Please bring non-marking dance shoes to help preserve the floor.

Your 2014 Ball Chairs are April Blum and Noël-Marie Taylor, reachable by email at playford at

The Dances

Title Meter/Key   Title Meter/Key
Halfe Hannekin 6/8 G   Bonny Cuckoo 3/4 D
Companions 4/4 C   Emperor of the Moon 4/4 Gm
Golden Green 3/4 G   Banish Misfortune 6/8 D Modal
Lover's Knot 2/2 Am   Miss de Jersey's Memorial 3/4 Gm
Key to the Cellar 3/2 Bm   Winter Solstice 2/4 F
Beach Spring 3/2 D   Minor Spaniard 6/8 Em
Tango in Toronto 2/2 Dm   Cold Weather Waltz 3/4 D
Fandango 6/8 D   Smithy Hill 6/8 Dm
Duke of Kent's Waltz 3/4 G   De'il Take the Warr 4/4 C
Four Corners 4/4   Dublin Bay 6/8 Cm
All dances will be talked through and briefly prompted
You can also download a list of the Dances in PDF format.

Music By

Marty Taylor, winds and concertina
Dave Wiesler, piano
Paul Oorts, mandolin
Josh Burdick, violin

1:30 - 4 PM Afternoon Review Session
6:30 PM Reception
7 - 11 PM Ball
Click Here for a schedule of dances at the Review Session.
Review, Reception and Ball at
The Church of the Redeemer
5603 North Charles St
Baltimore, Maryland 21210
Google Map Location

Questions? E-mail playford at

Ticket Prices

Member pricing is for BFMS and CDSS affiliates.

  Members General
Before October 1st $32$37$11
Oct 1 to Oct 10 $37$42$16
After Oct 10
At the door if available


By Mail:
Download our flier and complete the form on the back page.


Online registration for the 2014 Playford Ball is now closed. Tickets will be available at the door for $42 (members), $47 (nonmembers) and $20 (students).
Please contact playford @ with any questions.

Please download our 2014 Playford Ball flier and Dance Directions for more information and to register by mail.

Facebook Group

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Dance Instructions

Notes and conventions:
  • Unless otherwise specified, all crosses, back-to-backs, and gypsies are by the right shoulder.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all circles, stars, gypsies, and turns are once around.
  • Unless otherwise specified, "turn single" is over the right shoulder.
  • 1s = first couple/ones; 2s = second couple/twos, etc.
  • CW = clockwise and CCW = counterclockwise
  • L = Left and R = Right
  • P = Partner and Ps = Partners
  • N = Neighbor and SSN = Same Sex Neighbor
  • Circular Hey is without hands; Changes of rights and lefts is with hands.
  • WHILE indicates that two things happen simultaneously

Banish Misfortune
3 couple circle mixer
A1Men weave the ring CCW, passing L shoulders with P, R with 1st N (on the inside), and L with 2nd N. Turn P by the R once around.
A2Ladies weave the ring CW, passing R shoulders with P, left with 1st N (inside), and R with 2nd N. Turn P by the L once around, until all three ladies are in the center of the set.
B1Ladies star R once around and back to place. Men go into the center to star L, spiral out to face P.
B2Side (curvy siding) with P over and back. Set to P and turn single.
C1Weave the ring: pass P by the R, 1st N by the L, and gypsy 2nd N by the R all the way around to weave back, passing 1st N by the L. Ps pass R shoulders and loop to face in, with the lady on the right.
C2All into the center and back. Face P; set to P, and pass by the R. The dance begins again with new partners, and men weaving CCW.
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Beach Spring
4-couple longways
A1Hands four at the top and bottom of the set. Circle once around.
A2Lady 2 and Man 3 pass L diagonally across the set, and lead their respective groups of four in a serpentine single file line, ending proper and directly across from P. The set is inverted and proper (4-3-2-1).
B1Top couple (original 4s) casts to second place while second couple (original 3s) moves up. (3-4-2-1). Then the two middle couples (original 4 and 2) cast down one place in tandem while the bottom couple (original 1s) moves up the set to second place. (3-1-4-2). Face across to P.
B2Beginning with P across the set, four changes of rights and lefts.
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The Bonny Cuckoo
4-couple longways
A1-4Top couple lead down the center, past two couples. Cast up around the 3s into 2nd place while the 2s move up. (2-1-3-4)
 5-81s turn P by the R halfway to trade places across the set. Face down, and turn this N (couple 3) by the L halfway, to trade places. (2-3-1-4)
 9-12Bottom couple repeats the figure – lead up the center, past two couples. Cast down around the 3s into 3rd place while the 1s move down. (2-3-4-1)
 13-164s turn P by the R halfway to trade places across the set. Face up, and turn this N (couple 3) by the L halfway, to trade places. (2-4-3-1)
B1-6All circle L halfway, balance the circle in and out
 7-12Release hands. Men balance back and forward moving slightly L (CW); while ladies balance forward and back moving slightly R (CCW). Take hands and circle R halfway (across from P).
 13-16Balance the circle, Ps 2-hand turn to get proper (once or once and a half).
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Cold Weather Waltz
3-couple longways mixer
A11-4Top 1st corners chevron back to back, WHILE Man 2 casts up to Man 1's place.
 5-8Bottom first corners (Man 1 in 2nd place and Lady 3) chevron back to back, WHILE Lady 2 casts down to Lady 3's place. Ladies are now 1-3-2 and men are 2-1-3..
A2 Long 2nd corners (Lady 1 and Man 3) do a half-figure-eight – pass L diagonally and cast up (Lady 1) or down (Man 3). Lady 1 is above, Man 3 is below. Slow 2-hand turn halfway. End close. Fall back to top and bottom of set.
B1 Men at the top and Ladies at the bottom star R all the way around "plus one." Lady 1 and Man 3 break the star when they have reached their PROPER side the second time. Circle six just TWO places. All improper. End close to new P. Turn single LEFT.
B2 Lines of three fall back. Lines of three set. Gypsy new P once and one half.
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A1Single file circle L one place; face in on the diagonal. Balance in and out.
B11st corners chevron back to back passing R and backing straight across the set into N's place WHILE 2nd corners cast to meet P ((man casts down, lady casts up).
B2All half poussette, 2nd corners pushing. Merge to a line of four across the set, with 1st corners facing each other in the middle and 2nd corners on the outside facing a SSN's back.
C16 changes of a hey for four , 1st corners passing L to begin.
C2When 2nd corners meet in the middle a second time they gypsy L three quarters WHILE. 1st corners walk CW three steps (around the gypsying 2nd corners), catch Ps eye, and gypsy P by the R once and one-quarter, to progressed places.
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De'il Take the Warr
3 couple longways
No video available
A11s long cast (2s wait and move up). 1s 2-hand turn once; 1s lead down thru the 3s, cast back to second place; 1s 2-hand turn once.
A22s (at the top) repeat that pattern; all back to original places
B1Man 1 face DOWN, Men hey for 3, start by passing R. Man 1 zigzags to the bottom: pull by R with P straight across; pull by L with Man 2 on the diagonal; pull by R with Lady 2 straight across; pull byL with Man 3 on the diagonal; pull by R with Lady 3. Man 1 and Lady 3 turn single LEFT.
B2Ladies repeat B1 – Ladies hey for 3; Lady 1 zigzags to the bottom (2-3-1)
 Last time only: ALL turn single LEFT on the last bar
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Dublin Bay
A1s set forward to corners, Lady crossing first. Turn corner by the R until 1s are above.
1s cross passing L and cast down WHILE 2s move up. 1s dance into the center and turn a buttonhook (Lady turns R, Man turns L) up to finish back to back facing SSN. Arm RIGHT an even number of times to end in a line of four, facing down, 1s in the middle.
BAll fall back a double (up the hall) and come forward a double, turning towards SSN to face up. All fall back a double (down the hall) and come forward a double. 2s gate the 1s to progressed place.
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Duke of Kent's Waltz
A1All Star RIGHT. All Star LEFT.
A21s chasse down the center two steps, then chasse back to place and cast below WHILE 2s move up.
B1Ps take R hands, balance forward and back, and change places, with the men turning their partners under. Repeat using L hands.
On the R diagonal (outside the set), turn by the R once around. Turn P by the L once around.
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Emperor of the Moon
A11-8Ps set and turn single R, end facing SSN. Ns 2-hand turn once around and open up, facing P across the set.
A21-8Lines go forward and back. Set forward to P. 1s cast down WHILE 2s lead up.
B11-42s (above) cross and cast WHILE 1s (below) meet, lead up, and curve to face OUT
 5-82s half-figure-8 up, taking SSN's hand (men take lefts, women take rights) for an "assisted half figure eight." 1s (above) face P across the set.
B21-41s (above) cross and cast WHILE 2s (below) meet, lead up and curve to face OUT
 5-81s half-figure-eight up, taking SSN's hand. All progressed and proper.
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3-couple longways
A1ACTIVES (top), turn by the R once around, long cast to 2nd place; middles move up.
A2Actives turn by the L once around, long cast to 3rd place, bottom couple move up.
B1ALL – slipping circle left and right (order is 2-3-1)
B2Actives lead to the top and cast down to 2nd place WHILE 3s move down. 1s meet in the middle and do a buttonhook (Active Lady turn single left, Active man turn single right).
A3Actives 2-hand turn first corner (Active Man turns Lady 3 below; Active Lady turns Man 2 above). Actives meet P in the middle and 2-hand turn.
A4Actives 2-hand turn second corner. Actives meet in the middle and two hand turn at least once and a half, with a skipping step if you wish.
B3Actives do a full figure 8 around the standing end couples. Active Man goes up and Active Lady goes down. Actives pass L to change ends.
B4Heys for three across the set, with Active Man heying at the bottom and Active Lady at the top. Actives meet in the middle and lead down WHILE 3s cast up. 2s are new actives.
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Four Corners
3 couple longways
AACTIVES (middle couple) turn P by the R, turn first corner by the L; P by the R, turn second corner by the L; turn P by the R, turn third corner (same sex) by the L; turn P by the R, turn fourth corner by the L. Actives end at the top or bottom of the set, facing each other.
B1ACTIVES cross by the L (man up, woman down), and Star LEFT about three-quarters with the end couple, until Actives are on their proper side ACTIVES unwind the star and lead a single file line of three along the side of the set. END couples stop just halfway around (end couples have changed places) WHILE ACTIVES keep going.
B2ENDS set to each other and 2-hand turn to get proper, and ACTIVES reach original home position. ACTIVES meet and lead down WHILE the bottom couple casts up (new Actives) and the top couple does a cloverleaf turn up.
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Golden Green
4-couple square set.
A1Men CW around P. Men Star LEFT once around and back to place.
A2Ladies CCW around P. Ladies Star RIGHT once around and back to place.
B1Head Men only, set to each other and cross by the R. Side couples Star RIGHT halfway (change places) and turn single left WHILE the Head men turn the Opposite Head Lady once and one half. Head ladies walk CW around the outside of the set.
B2HEAD men do a chevron back to back (pass L shoulders) WHILE Head Ladies finish the CW half circle to meet P. Take hands eight, circle one-quarter left, and cloverleaf turn. (In to P)
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Halfe Hannekin
Longways mixer Improper.
AAll face up. Take inside hands with current P. Up a double and back. Repeat
B1Shaw (side by side) siding – R with P and then L with P.
B2Set and turn single. 2-hand turn, and move one place L. Take inside hands with new P.
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Key to the Cellar (Or Locked Out Again, or No Key to the Church)
Triple minor.
A11s cast to 2nd place WHILE 2s move up. 3s gate the 1s down and back to middle place.
A2Lines of 3 on the side forward and back. 2s (above) gate the 1s up.
B1Heys for three on the ends of the set. Lady 1 goes UP and Man 1 goes DOWN.
B21s meet and gypsy in the center. ALL 2--hand turn P to get proper.
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Lover's Knot
Longways Improper
A1Double Mad Robin with the Ladies moving R and into the center while the Men move L and back. End home. Half poussette, ladies pushing.
A2Circle L 3 places. 2-hand turn P (on the side of the set) once and one half. Face in.
B1Full hey for four, with the MEN passing L. End the hey with the Ladies back to back in the center, facing Ps. Gypsy P by the R about three-quarters.
B2Men initiate a Star LEFT by taking left hands, Ladies join the Star BEHIND partners. Turn the star once around, release hands and slide along the ready for the double Mad Robin with new Ns.
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Minor Spaniard
A1FIRST corners set and turn single; BUT 1s two-hand turn
A2SECOND corners set and turn single; BUT 2s two-hand turn
B11s down the center 3 steps, face P, set, lead up and cast below WHILE 2s move up.
B2ALL circle L once around. 2s gate the 1s UP and around to progressed places.
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Miss de Jersey's Memorial
Video: There are two videos, but both show only 2 repetitions of the dance, which segue into something else. Look at Lambertville Country Dancers' website.
A11-41s turn by the R once and one half moving slightly down the set to end between the 2s, facing opposite sex N.
 5-8 LEFT shoulder half hey – ending with 2s in the middle, 1s on the outside proper.
A21-42s turn by the L once and one half to end facing SSN.
 5-8RIGHT shoulder half hey, ending improper, Lady 1 and Man 2 above.
B11-4Circle L 3 places (Men above), balance the ring.
 5-8Men half-figure-eight down (Man 2 on the right leads) to change places
 9-12Mirror back to back, Men leading through the Ladies.
 13-16Circle R 3 places and face across.
B21-81s lead down two steps, turn and fall back 2 steps, lead UP two steps, separate around the 2s, and meet above WHILE 2s fall straight back, side step up two steps; come forward two steps to meet P, face down and lead down, splitting the 1s, ending below. All improper and NOT progressed.
 9-12Slow 2-hand turn with P once around. Balance forward and back
 13-16Cross by the R, face away from SSN (1s face UP, 2s face DOWN), back up, passing R with SSN to progressed places.
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Smithy Hill
A11-4Circle L halfway. Step L, swing right foot; Step R, swing left foot.
 5-8Repeat A1 to get home.
 9-16Ladies cross R and loop R, while Men cross R and loop R. Repeat, this time end facing out with N, Lady on the R. Take inside hands with N.
A21-4Ns lead out a double. California twirl to face back in.
 5-8Ladies pull by R and take L with P. Men turn P under (Swat the Flea), so that Ladies are on the outside and Men are back to back.
 9-12Half a hey for four, passing P by the LEFT
 13-16Men draw P to progressed place. Step L swing right foot. Step R, swing left foot.
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Tango in Toronto
A1FIRST CORNERS: Man 1 advances while Lady 2 retreats. Reverse. Gypsy L once around, tight turn single R.
All Star RIGHT, keep P's hand and turn R halfway, turn single L. All improper.
A2SECOND CORNERS: Lady 1 advances while Man 2 retreats. Reverse. Gypsy R once around, tight turn single L.
All Star LEFT; keep P's hand and turn L halfway, turn single R. All home.
BFIRST CORNERS start a half hey, passing R.
FIRST CORNERS meet in the center and "boomerang" – gypsy R all the way around to face SSN.
ALL with SSN pass L for half a hey (First corners followSSN across the set). All end proper and progressed (2s above). Gypsy P once around.
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Winter Solstice
Square set with one extra couple in the middle
Video: ? The link at Lambertville Country Dancers no longer works
A1The head couples and the ACTIVE couple do a full mirror hey (top couple splits the ACTIVES to begin), WHILE the side couples side (Sharp or curvy siding), set, and turn single.
A2ACTIVES separate – ACTIVE LADY heys for three with the side couple nearest her, passing the lady by the LEFT to begin. The ACTIVE MAN heys for three with the side couple nearest him, passing the man by the RIGHT to begin, WHILE the head couples side, set and turn single. ACTIVE COUPLE end the hey facing each other in the center of the set.
B1Grand Square plus one: The heads and sides do a Grand Square (sides facing each other and head couples facing the head couple across the set) ending home, WHILE ACTIVES back out to the nearest side, face UP (toward the music), back away from the music (down) until ACTIVES are at the bottom corners of the square, turn, meet each other in Couple 3's original position, and lead up to their original position.
B2Progression: In "Skater's hold" the ACTIVES changes places with Couple 1, Men passing L. Couple 1 changes places with Couple 2; Couple 2 changes with Couple 3; Couple 3 changes with Couple 4. Couple 4 becomes the ACTIVE COUPLE, and the former Actives, now Couple 1, initiate the mirror hey for the next round.
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