Baltimore Folk Music Society


Volunteers Needed

Regular Committees

BFMS is an all volunteer organization. These activities often need volunteers on a regular basis:

Gate Comittee- Greet people at the door. - Get into the dance free.

Hospitality for Performers-- Got an extra room or two? You can help by providing a place for out-of-town performers and callers to stay.

Refreshments-- Help with the refreshments during the break.

Sound Support-- helping to set up, tear down and run the sound equipment at our events - and we will train you.

Dance Organizer- Put your organization skills to good use..

Publicity/Social Media/Fliers -- Help out by posting BFMS events on social media from the comfort of your own home, Distribute flyers & membership forms, Help get the word out.

BFMS Events-- Jobs too numerous to mention here!

Other-- Use your imagination. What other special skills do you have that the Society could use?

Contact: volunteer at - for more information.