Baltimore Folk Music Society


Event Fliers

"Help us promote our events! Please print copies of our fliers and distribute them wherever you go: your office, the library, the grocery store, your local community center, the gym, around the neighborhood, etc." -Perry Shafran, Newsletter Editor 2006

Archived Event Fliers See Fliers from past events
Autumn_Assembly_2019_Caller_Instructions.pdf08/01/2019 - 321.8K
Autumn_Assembly_Flier_2019.pdf08/01/2019 - 180.2K
BFMSFestPoster.pdf09/11/2017 - 279.2K
CDSS_scholarships.pdf02/03/2018 - 431.5K
CatoctinFlierInside_2019.pdf01/25/2019 - 981.7K
CatoctinFlierOutside_2019.pdf01/25/2019 - 882.5K
CatoctinWorkshops_2018.pdf01/25/2019 - 894.0K
EnglishCountryDance_Flier.pdf08/08/2018 - 2555.5K
Friends_Free_ February_BFMS.pdf01/15/2019 - 341.7K
MidWinter_Ball_2019.pdf10/30/2018 - 555.1K
NYE_English_Gala_2018.pdf11/15/2018 - 197.6K
Saturday_Dances_2019.pdf06/09/2019 - 877.9K
Students_dance_free.pdf08/08/2018 - 8316.9K
WednesdayDance_Flier.pdf05/04/2014 - 2075.6K
Welcome_to_BFMS_Brochure.pdf08/09/2018 - 178.5K
ceili_contra.pdf01/15/2018 - 653.0K
freefall_ baltimore_2018.pdf09/27/2018 - 524.5K
membershipform.pdf01/06/2015 - 890.3K