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Events listed on this page are not connected to or sponsored by the Baltimore Folk Music Society. These events are listed as a service to the Folk Music community. If you would like your Folk Music event listed on this page, please contact and provide the details (Date, Artist, Venue, Website URL or other details) of your event.

Listing by Date - next 30 days

October 18 2017 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance

Kappy Laning and Tom Spilsbury call the dances while Becky Ross (fiddle), Bruce Edwards (bassoon), and Liz Donaldson (piano) play

October 20 2017 - Folk Music
333 Coffeehouse
Annapolis Friends Meeting Hall

We are thrilled to welcome back the amazing Joe Crookston! Joe is in the front rank of modern folk singer-songwriters, the author of instant classics like "Fall Down as the Rain" and "Good Luck John" and many moving stories-in-song. And he's a magical onstage presence - a rich-voiced singer, a skilled player, and an engaging raconteur too.

October 21 2017 - Folk Music
Perry Hall Folk Music Night

Our featured performers for October 21st will be Free Range Blue.

October 21 2017 to October 22 2017 - Folk Music
Maggie performs at the Maryland Renaissance Festival
The Maryland Renaissance Festival
October 21 2017 - Dance
Annapolis Contra Dance
Annapolis Friends Meeting Hall

Caroline Barnes calls to the melodies of MetroGnomes (Bob Garber-clarinet; McGregor Yatsevich-fiddle, mandolin; Mark Vidor-piano). The evening includes a free introductory session at 6:30; dance 7-10 p.m. Annapolis Friends Meeting Hall, 351 Dubois Road, Annapolis, Md. 21401. Admission for dance: $10 with discounts for seniors, students, families and members of Annapolis Traditional Dance Society (ATDS). All ages welcome. All dances taught and walked through. No experience or partner required. Snacks to share at the break are welcome. Contact Jan Scopel at 443-540-0867, or Charlotte Featherstone at 203-247-3964,

October 21 2017 - Dance
Lancaster Contra Dance

Donna Hunt calls to Dr. Twamley's Audio Snakes with Mike Rovine-fiddle, Wes Steenson-banjo, guitar, and Jill Smith-piano. St. John’s Episcopal Church, 321 W. Chestnut St. Lancaster, PA. Special Waltz Workshop-free 5:30. Beginners Workshop 6:15. $9 adults/$6 students. Children 15 and under free. Info: Karen 717-951-4317 or

October 22 2017 - Dance
Waltz Time
Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom

BLUE BAMBOO with Barbara Heitz (flute), Elke Baker (fiddle), John Devine (guitar), Marc Glickman (piano), Ralph Gordon (bass)

October 22 2017 - Folk Music
There's Something About the Women
George Washington Masonic Memorial Alexandria, VA

Lynn Hollyfield, Crys Matthews and Caron Dale in concert at 7:00 PM at the George Washington Masonic Memorial 101 Callahan Drive, Alexandria, VA 22301. Tickets are $15 in advance for members, $18 at the door.

October 22 2017 - Folk Music
An Die Musik Live

Grace Cavalieri reads her poems and Adam Trice and Geoffrey Himes
read their poems and perform their songs in the round. 6 pm, $10 in advance, $13 at door

October 25 2017 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance

Ann Fallon calls the dances to the playing of Colleen Reed (flute), Paul Oorts (mandolin and accordion), and Francine Krasowska (piano)

October 26 2017 - Folk Music
Brooks Williams

Tickets $20.00 ~ Showtime 8:00 pm

October 28 2017 - Dance
Frederick Maryland Contra Dance

Greg Frock will call to fabulous tunes provided by Graham DeZarn, fiddle; and Marc Glickman, piano, et al.

October 29 2017 - Folk Music
Zoe Mulford
Positano's Restaurant

7:00 PM at Focus Bethesda at Positano’s Restaurant 4948-4940 Fairmont Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814. Tickets are $15 in advance for members, $18 at the door.

October 29 2017 - Folk Music
Oscar Brand

Tickets for the seats closest to the stage are priced at $84, while the remainder of the seats are priced at $53. All tickets for this show will be for reserved seating. Tickets for the concert and the reception may be purchased:

November 01 2017 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance

Beginner Session starts at 7:30 - Melissa Running calls the dances to the music of David Knight (fiddle), Lisa Premo (cello), and Liz Donaldson(piano)

November 04 2017 - Folk Music
The Kennedys

7:30 PM, Two part harmonies and instrumental prowess, 5300 N Front St, Harrisburg, PA 17110, Fort Hunter Centennial Barn, $22, $10 students,

November 04 2017 - Dance
Annapolis Contra Dance
Annapolis Friends Meeting Hall

Ann Fallon and Tom Spilsbury will call dances to the alluring melodies of Red and Well Fed (Kappy Laning, Paul Miller, Susan Farrer, John Wells, Joanne Murphy, Judy Hunt, Diane Sorenson)

November 04 2017 - Dance
DC Square Dance Collective

Old Time dance tunes played by fiery fiddler Alexander Mitchell and Friends. Caller Caroline Barnes shows you how it’s done and will have you up and do-si-do-ing in no time flat. Come see what it’s all about, right in the heart of DC on a swingin’ Saturday night. All are welcome – young and old, brand new and experienced dancers, hipsters and total outta the loopers. No partner, lessons, overalls, or fancy dress needed. Location: Saint Stephen's Church, 1525 Newton St. NW, Washington DC, near the Columbia Heights Metro. $5 at the door. More info: visit

November 05 2017 - Dance
Waltz Time
Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom

TERPSICHORE with Elke Baker (fiddle), Liz Donaldson (piano), Ralph Gordon (bass)

November 08 2017 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance

Dan Gillespie- calls the dances while Susan Brandt (flute), Becky Ross (fiddle), and Melissa Running (piano) make the music

November 09 2017 - Folk Music
Garnet Rogers

Tickets TBA ~ Showtime 8:00 pm

November 11 2017 - Folk Music
Bill Staines

7:30 PM, The quintessential folk troubadour, Fort Hunter Centennial Barn, 5300 N Front St, Harrisburg, PA 17110, $20 General, $10 Students

November 12 2017 - Dance
FSGW Family Dance

FSGW Family Dance

November 15 2017 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance

Liz Donaldson calls the dances while Carrie Rose (flute), Tom Wright (10-string mandolin), and Francine Krasowska (piano) play