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Events listed on this page are not connected to or sponsored by the Baltimore Folk Music Society. These events are listed as a service to the Folk Music community. If you would like your Folk Music event listed on this page, please contact and provide the details (Date, Artist, Venue, Website URL or other details) of your event.

Listing by Date - next 30 days

February 06 2017 to February 27 2017 - Dance
Baltimore Scottish Country Dancers
Catonsville Presbyterian Church

An eight-week introduction to the fun of Scottish Country Dance

Eight Monday evenings in January & February 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Fee $40. You don't need to be Scottish...You don't need a kilt...You don't need a partner...You just need to have soft flat shoes, be willing to learn a few steps, and love to move to great music.

For information call Fred Eustis, 410-922-6369 or

February 24 2017 - Concert
The Western Flyers
Susquehanna Folk Music Society

Champion swing fiddler Katie Glassman steps it out with the toe-tapping rhythm section of Joey McKenzie and Gavin Kelso.7:30-9:30 PM. $24, $10 students

The Fort Hunter Barn, Harrisburg, PA 17110

February 25 2017 - Dance
Frederick Maryland Contra Dance

Treble Makers w/Shane Knudsen calling. Robin Wilson, flute and saxophone; Emily Aubrey, fiddle; Liz Donaldson, piano.

February 26 2017 - Folk Music
Scott Ainslie and Reggie Harris
Focus Music Alexandria

Tickets: $18/$15 for advance sales and members

"How We Got Here"--a collaboration of songwriters on social justice. Scott Ainslie and Reggie Harris team up for an engaging and lasting encounter with music to move the mind, body and spirit. Just two musicians and friends, mingling black with white, rooted in blues and spirituals, sharing a free-flowing dialogue in music and story, the language of the soul.

March 04 2017 - Dance
Galesville Community Square Dance
Galesville Memorial Hall

Caller - Janine Smith, Live traditional Appalachian dance music by Leah Weiss (fiddle), Gary Wright (guitar), and Friends

March 04 2017 - Dance
ATDS English Country Dance
Annapolis Friends Meeting Hall

Tom Hinds will call dances to the lovely melodies of Jeff Steinberg, Colleen Reed and Judy Meyers.

March 05 2017 - Dance
Waltz Time
Glen Echo Park Spanish Ballroom

GIGMEISTERS with Alexander Mitchell (fiddle), Paul Oorts (button accordion, mandolin, banjo, guitar), David Wiesler (piano), Ralph Gordon (bass)

March 12 2017 - Dance
Waltz Time
Glen Echo Park Spanish Ballroom

CONTRATOPIA with Patrice Pakiz, Erik Sessions, Theodore Hodapp, John Goodin, Pat O'Loughlin

March 18 2017 - Dance
Lancaster Contra Dance
St. Johns Epispocal Church

Caller: DeLaura Padovan - Band: Devine Comedy - Steve Hickman (fiddle), John Devine (guitar), Marty Taylor (concertina, whistles, recorder

March 18 2017 - Dance
Bluemont Dance
Hillsboro Old Stone School

Caller: Anna Rain - Band: Frog Hammer - Jim Besser (concertina), Glyn Collinson (bouzouki, guitar), Andrew Marcus (accordian), Michael Ferguson (trombone), Bob Collins (percussion), Dave Casserly ( saxophone)

March 18 2017 - Dance
ATDS Contra Dance
Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Ted Hodapp will call contras and squares to the energetic tunes of Contratopia (Erik Sessions, Patrice Pakiz, Pat O’Loughlin, John Goodin).