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Wednesday Night Contra & Square Dances

The Baltimore Folk Music Society presents American Contra and Square Dancing at 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 PM every Wednesday at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church, 2200 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Admission is $9 for members, $13 for nonmembers. Students (under 21 or full-time students of any age) dance free in September.

All dances are taught and walked through beforehand. Music and dance styles include New England, Southern Appalachian, and Celtic styles. Nationally-known musicians and callers appear regularly. These dances are sponsored in part by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.

New Dancers' workshops:
Free workshops introducing basic contra dance figures take place every Wednesday at 7:30p.m. Beginners are encouraged to attend. Contra dance FAQs.

Please see our Behavior Policy

For more information call the BFMS hotline at 888-646-BFMS or email amdance at

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Wednesday, December 20 2017 
April Blum calls to Devine Devils - Steve Hickman (fiddle), Marty Taylor (concertina, whistles), Jonathan Jensen (piano), and John Devine (guitar).
Wednesday, December 27 2017 
Greg Frock calls to Alexander Mitchell (fiddle, mandolin) and Henry Koretzky (guitar).
Wednesday, January 03 2018 
Shane Knudsen calls to the Old Time Jam Band - Ken Kolodner (fiddle) and Brad Kolodner (banjo, bass) lead the band
Wednesday, January 10 2018 
TBA calls to Laurie Andres (accordion), Steve Hickman (fiddle), and John Devine (guitar).
Wednesday, January 17 2018 
Perry Shafran calls to Paul Oortz (mandolin, guitar) and Elke Baker (fiddle)
Wednesday, January 24 2018 
TBA calls to Broadwater
Wednesday, January 31 2018 

TBA calls to Backstep Cindy - Sandy Hofferth (fiddle), Howard Zane (banjo), Joe Langley (guitar), and Art Abrams (bass).

Wednesday, February 07 2018 
TBA calls to Organic Family Band: Michael Raitzyk (guitar), Jakob Raitzyk (fiddle), Rebekah Gellar (fiddle), and Judith Gellar (French horn).

Wednesday, February 21 2018 
TBA calls to TBA
Wednesday, February 28 2018 

TBA calls to the MetroGnomes - Bob Garber (clarinet), McGregor Yatsevich (fiddle, mandolin), and Mark Vidor (piano).

Wednesday, March 14 2018 
TBA calls to Unbowed - Henry Koretzky (mandolin), Jamie O'Brien (guitar), Bruce Campbell (bass), and L.J. Palmer (percussion).
Wednesday, March 28 2018 
No dance, as the Hall is not available on Easter Week..
Wednesday, April 11 2018 
TBA calls to the Dead Sea Squirrels
Wednesday, April 25 2018 
TBA calls to Squirrelly Dan and the Eastern Rounders - Dan Levenson (fiddle), Emmy Truckenmiller (fiddle), Annie Trimble (guitar), and Suzanne Gates (bass).
Wednesday, May 02 2018 
TBA calls to Taylor among the Devils
Wednesday, June 20 2018 

TBA calls to Polaris - Rose Jackson (fiddle), Marta Bartholomew (fiddle), Sam Zakon-Anderson (piano), and Jesse Ball (guitar, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, accordion & feet)

Wednesday, July 11 2018 
TBA calls to ContraForce